We are here for you.

Get in touch with us for any enquiries, comments or feedback. You can also check out our FAQs below!

We are here for you.

Get in touch with us for any enquiries, comments or feedback. You can also check out our FAQs below!

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We focus on mass satisfaction and not mass production. We believe ‘ healthy’ means starting right and we develop each of our products uniquely by focusing on the most essential ingredients for optimal performance and overall wellbeing.

What kind of ingredients BZU BZU products use?

We are committed to creating the safest family care products in the world. Thus, we only use safe and natural ingredients in our formulation and every step in the process from sourcing raw materials, assessing ingredients, clinical testing and evaluation and even up to production is of the highest quality standard.

Is BZU BZU product suitable for adults?

Absolutely! All our products are perfect for whole family use including adult even elderly. They are tested by dermatologists to be gentle for sensitive skin. Many moms use our products for themselves too!

What do you mean by NO SULFATE?

All our products are formulated with NO SULFATE [Sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) and any other ‘sulfates’ ]which has been linked to a host of negative issues including diarrhea, depression, eye damage, liver issues, skin rashes, and cancer. Yet, it performs well to generate foam/bubble to indulge the bathing experience.

Is it safe to use BZU BZU sanitiser on infants?

Yes it is safe. Our sanitiser is made with pure natural ingredients to effectively protect against germs and bacteria. It is also safe for babies if they accidentally lick/swallow after application.

What kind of germs and bacteria can BZU BZU sanitiser protect against?

Our sanitiser is laboratory tested for 99.999% protection against H1N1 and HFMD. It also kills many other germs & bacteria that cause flu, cold and diarrhoea.

I thought sanitisers will instantly kill germs and bacteria upon contact, why 15s?

Generally, sanitisers take about 40-60s to kills germs and bacteria but ours are laboratory tested to act fastest at 15s!

Does BZU BZU Surgical Kids Mask meets all the standard requirement?

Yes! Our kids surgical mask is of medical grade and *SGS tested with BPE>99%, PFE>90% , breathing resistance, splash resistance and flammability – Refer product.

What is the Calming Scent in BZU BZU baby range?

Calming scent™ is a patent-pending technology design fragrance that will optimise sleep quality. This technology is backed up by detailed research, including study which showed that sleep-enhancing fragrances led to a significantly higher quality of sleep than no fragrance.

Can my 2 years old toddler switch to BZU BZU HAPPY KIDS WASH ?

YES! It is still safe to use as all our cleansing products are made with NO SULFATE and safest ingredients.

Does BZU BZU Baby powder contains talcum powder?

No! Our baby powder does not contain talcum powder that could cause a series of skin issues for baby. It is also carcinogenic as suggested by many medical experts. Instead, we use pure natural corn starch.