Kids Toothbrush


It is recommended to start taking care of your kids oral health when young. The BZU BZU Kids Toothbrush uses ultra soft and flexible bristle which clean kid’s teeth well without being rough on their gums. Designed with a flexible head to allow easy access to all areas of teeth, able to clean hard to reach areas, such as sides and backs of molars.

  • Ultra Soft and Flexible Bristle.
  • Non-slip Grip

Directions & Caution

  • Brush teeth twice a day.
  • Replace toothbrush every 3 months.
  • Use together with BZU BZU Kids Toothpaste to maintain oral health.

Storage Conditions

Store in cool and dry area, away from heat or direct sunlight.

Country of Origin

  • Formulated in Japan.
  • Halal certified.
  • Manufactured under GMP/ISO Certified Facility in China.

for kids (4-12y)

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