BZU BZU Extra Soft Kids Toothbrush 8+ Years Value Twin Pack

Type: Toothbrushes


BZU BZU Kids Toothbrush is made for children ages 8 and above. Each value pack includes 2 extra soft bristle toothbrushes in 2 colors. Each Kids toothbrush features a small, flexible brush head and non-slip handle for easy grip.

The bristles are gentle enough to effectively clean while protecting your child’s gums and enamel.

Brushing twice a day helps prevent plaque buildup and decreases the chance of cavities.

Extra soft Bristles – Allowing bristles to bend easily and effectively removing food particles, impurities and other debris.

Flexible Head – Help reach the inner corners of the mouth. Providing better cleaning effect with being able to reach narrow gaps between teeth.

Non-slip Handle – For better grip and comfort in every use.

Dentist recommends:

- Brush teeth twice a day

- Replace toothbrush every 3 months

- Use together with BZU BZU Kids Toothpaste to maintain oral health

Storage Conditions:

Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


DO NOT BITE OR CHEW. For tooth brushing only, do not use as a toy.


Due to hygiene and quality reasons we do not accept any returns.