BZU BZU Natural Mosquito Repellent Patch


BZU BZU Natural Mosquito Repellent Patch, your outdoor ally. With 100% natural ingredients, enjoy up to 6 hours of protection against mosquitoes during sports, camping, hiking – any adventure. Our gentle non-woven fabric, infused with essential oils, safeguards you and your fabrics. Stick it anywhere with superior adhesion. Unleash the outdoors with BZU BZU. Dermatologist Tested.

• DEET-free and Alcohol-free.

• Up to 6 hours of protection from mosquito bites.

• 100% naturally-derived ingredients.

• Effective for outdoor activities such as sports, campaign, hiking and more.

• Made from non-woven fabric containing natural essential oils, safe and gentle for fabrics.

• Superior adhesive quality patch which can be adhered to any surface or fabric.

• Safe for children

Ingredients: Citronella oil (75% W/W), Eucalyptus oil and Rose oil (25% W/W)